Machine/CAD Capabilities

A Blueprint For Perfectly-crafted Solutions

Kerek Industries features state-of-the-art Swiss Lathes capable of turning, drilling, and milling any imaginable part, working out  complex geometries, and achieving tight tolerances, often without the need for secondary operations.

Further, we’ll collaborate with you to ensure our work helps create the most likely value streams for your business, while providing the benefits that best suit the needs of your operation.

In addition, our Optical Comparator, Microscope, Profilometer and programmable Coordinate Measuring Machine allow us to serve as your go-to resource for the inspection of any parts, at any time.

CNC Swiss Lathes

Our Swiss Lathes utilize a guide bushing, a moving headstock for close tolerance machining, and up to 8-axis machining. Automatic magazine-fed bar loaders allow for uninterrupted production.

Star SR20R Swiss Type Lathes

Capacity: 1/32” to 3/4”
6 axis machining

Star SV32 Swiss Type Lathes

Capacity: 1/32” to 1 1/4”
8 axis machining

CNC Vertical Mills

With 4-axis and 5-axis capabilities, we can machine complex shapes, undercuts and difficult angles in a single setup, reducing tooling cost and labor time.


Table: 36x12x18
4th and 5th axis capabilities

Haas VF2

Table: 30x16x20
4th axis capabilities

Haas UMC750

Table: 30x20x20
5-Axis Machining Center

CNC Lathes

Cellular machining enables us to reduce cycle times, and in turn lower costs of producing products for multiple industries such as those for diesel engine components, pumps and valves, firearms and defense.

Okuma Cadet

Bar size: 1 3/4 “ max diameter
Chucking diameter: 8”

Haas ST-20

Bar size: 2“ max diameter
Chucking diameter: 8”

Okuma Howa HL-35

Bar size: 3 “ max diameter
Chucking diameter: 12”

Haas ST-10Y

Bar size: 1-3/4″
Chucking diameter: 6-1/2″

Haas DS-30Y

Bar size: 3″
Chucking diameter: 10”

Programming and CAD

We feature the latest CAD/CAM technologies: PartMaker Mill, Turn, and SwissCam software, along with BobCad software for fixture designing. These tools allow us to reduce set up times, which is why we can consistently boast of an extremely high percentage of on-time deliveries.

Materials Used

Steel / Stainless Steel / Aluminum Brass / Plastics