Where Professionalism, Passion And Dedication Are More Than Buzzwords

In 1946 our founder, John “Whitey” Kerek, opened a screw machine job shop. Fast forward seven locations and many expansions later, to a company that now provides precision-made parts instrumental to countless industries and applications.

Whitey’s approach to running the company – uncompromising, meticulous, service-oriented – is carried on by his son and grandson, even as Kerek Industries has grown to become a trusted supplier of world-class machining capabilities.

How we work

We strive to be flexible, open to all possibilities. If you have an idea for a part, we’ll do everything in our power to bring your idea to life (and we have plenty in our power.) Further, we have systems in place to ensure your job is done right at every step. Most importantly, our deep experience enables us to streamline production, reduce set up times, thus minimizing errors and keeping costs down.

Count On This

We will never compromise on quality or service. We will never cut corners. We will value our professional relationship with you, taking pride in being a partner you can trust to give your project top priority, and to deliver the solution that best serves your operation and bottom line.

Markets Served