Markets Served

We’ve Yet To Find An Industry We Can’t Make More Productive

Chances are you work with steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, or plastic – the materials with which we work magic. After more than six decades in business, we offer deep machining experience in a variety of industries. Yet even for projects for applications unlike those we’ve handled previously, our experts will quickly gain a complete understanding of the situation and craft the perfect part for your needs.

medicalthMedical Imaging/Devices

Capabilities include parts for hand-held surgical devices, imaging parts for printing in a variety of media (e.g. x-rays, regular paper, CDs, DVDs) and parts for the dental industry.


Kerek-machined components are inside mobile heaters for U.S. troops in theaters of war, as well as other defense industry applications. We also create components for various firearm manufacturers.

dieselthDiesel Engine Components

From parts for offshore drilling applications, to locomotive engines, Kerek creates parts for diesel engines at home and internationally.

pumpthPumps & Valves

Kerek creates internal pieces and parts for various pump and valve applications, ranging from 1/8” to 2” diameter.

oilthOil Fields

For over 20 years Kerek has crafted components used for gaging in oil fields, and others that allow drilling applications to be performed.

beveragethBeverage Applications

From large steel beverage tanks to valves on home brewing kits, our streamlined process can serve up affordable parts for your beverage applications.

nuclearthIndustrial Electronics/Nuclear

A certified nuclear supplier, Kerek creates electronics that go into nuclear applications, as well as various industrial uses.

Machine/CAD Capabilities

CNC Swiss Lathes
CNC Vertical Mills
CNC Lathes
Programming and CAD



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Materials Used

Steel / Stainless Steel / Aluminum
Brass / Plastics